My Hair Routine + How To Get Healthier Hair!

Welcome to another post on Sprinkle of Southern! I am back to share my hair routine, the products I use to keep my hair clean, and tips to get healthier and shinier hair! Let’s begin!


When showering, I have recently started using this Shampoo / Conditioner duo, and let me tell you, it has works wonders! My hair is a lot more under control and the puffiness has definitely gone down.

shampoo and conditioner blog.jpg


My shampoo is the Herbal Essences 0% Silicone Shampoo with Rose Hips, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Extracts.

My conditioner is the Herbal Essences 0% Paraben Conditioner with Rosemary and Mint Essences.


My Shampoo and Conditioner

The Shampoo and Conditioner are both from Herbal Essences. What I love about these products is they are free of silicone, which has a love-hate relationship with your hair; yes, it gives the shine any girl wants in their hair, but it strips down the nutrients in your hair, making it weak and lifeless. The article I found these facts in, will be linked down below if you want to read more.

SC wet brush


After my shower, I use my favorite hair brush; The Wet Brush in a super cute pink color! This hair brush gets rid of my tangles in a flash and keeps my thick hair tamed.

wet brush


How To Get Shinier and Healthier Hair (Without Silicone)

There is simply one thing I’ve done to keep my hair shiny and healthy and that is showering in cold water. But, I only switch the water from hot to cold at the last minute of my shower, but I honestly love the feeling of the cold water after a steamy shower. The cold water will a) Minimize your pores, preventing them from getting clogged and dirt from getting in, b) It makes the hair appear shinier and healthier by decreasing hair follicles (the tissue that surrounds the roots in your hair). This simple step will make your hair seem shinier and healthier but without adding any product!



Shampoo | Conditioner | Wet Brush


Silicone Article | Benefits of Cold Showers Article


I hope you enjoyed going a little bit deeper into one of my daily routines! See y’all soon.


Pink Romper & Gladiator Sandals

Hello y’all! I recently browsed my local Target’s clothing section and found this beauty! This romper is super comfy and has the most beautiful color for the summer time. Let’s get into my favorite romper and gladiator sandals, all wrapped up into one outfit!


Here’s the look:


My gladiator sandals made my outfit a bit boho, which I loved!


I love the detail in this romper, from the little pom poms at the hem to the cute design on the romper!

I paired up my favorite Kendra earrings to add some extra sparkle.


I absolutely loved creating this outfit with all of my currents faves!



Romper | Lace Up Sandals | Kendra Scott Earrings | Pearl Necklace


I hope you enjoyed this outfit!

My Favorite Summer Outfit 

Through shopping and collecting different summer fashion essentials, I’ve created my go to summer outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down! All of the fashion pieces that are mentioned will be linked down below, so make sure to scroll down to find those.


My flowy tank top is super lightweight and comfy for the summer time, plus it comes in many more fun colors! The tank and sandals in this outfit were featured in my latest haul, so that will also be linked down below as well. I paired up this tank with some plain white shorts from Old Navy.


I dressed up this outfit by adding my magenta Kendra Scott earrings; which added a statement piece to the simple tank and some color! But, I also wore this tank with my classic pearl earrings from Francesca’s for a more laid back look.


Here is the full view of my outfit!


These shoes add so much to a plain navy tank top! The diamonds on the strap automatically caught my eye when browsing the J.Crew Factory in my town. I absolutely love them, plus they are super comfy; so that’s a win-win to me!




Navy Tank Top | Sparkly Sandals | Kendra Scott Earrings | Pearl Earrings

Haul with the Tank and Sandals


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


I hope you liked my favorite Summer outfit and hope you get some inspiration!


Exploring Taos, New Mexico

Summer has officially started (on June the 20th), so the summer shenanigans have begun! For my first summer vacay, my family & my besties family went to Taos, New Mexico for a week to explore this ski town. I have my top things to do in this small pueblo, plus a great summer outfit that will help y’all beat the heat + my overall vacation; through pics of course!


Activities Day by Day:  

Taos, surprisingly, had a lot of things to do especially because it is a small town, so we were never bored! We arrived on Friday the 17th, and the next day, we explored the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge; let me tell you, scary! We also visited the small shops around the gorge and drove up to the town plaza.


On Sunday, we went hiking to Williams Lake for Father’s Day; the hike was pretty, but the lake wasn’t a great destination for the 2 mile hike to the lake.


Then on Monday, we visited a Ski Resort called Angel Fire, where my sis + bff went Ziplining!


On Tuesday, we went to a pottery place where we got to make our own pottery with a block of clay & a wheel; it was a blast!


Finally, on Wednesday, we drove about an hour to Santa Fe to explore the historic churches around the area and to walk around downtown. We went into one Church that was rumored to be haunted, so that made the experience way funner!


Best Travel Outfit Ever: 

For the first full day in Taos, I paired up my Lulu tank with some white Old Navy shorts and my Target sunglasses hung by my Lilly Pulitzer croakie. I pulled the look together with my Nike FlyKnits and a Vineyard Vines navy baseball cap! This is a great and lightweight outfit that is ready for the hot summer sun! This outfit is featured in my Day 1 paragraph if you scroll up.

Lulu Tank | Target Sunglasses | Lilly Croakies (similar) | Nike FlyKnits | VV Hat


Then, the day came to leave on Thursday; I totally recommend taking the time to visit this pueblo this summer; it’s beautiful!


I hope you liked this travel post! Make sure to keep your eyes open for a very exciting post in the next couple of days! Have a great day + I apologize for not having a post up last Sunday. Bye!


Summer Haul: Kendra Scott, Lululemon, & J.Crew

Hello everyone, welcome back to Sprinkle of Southern! I’m here with a BIG Summer Haul, that is super collective! Let’s just get on with the goodies.

Kendra Scott

I’ve been dying for a ring from Kendra Scott, but I’ve never gotten the chance to purchase one, but I had my birthday party last Friday, and my BFF got me a KS gift card, so I had an excuse to get it. I designed the ‘Judy’ ring in the Color Bar and I chose an Ivory Pearl stone with the gold base.


Ok, I’m obsessed! I have another Lulu short sleeve in gray, but I couldn’t pass up this pink one, plus I’ve never seen a top with this super cute rose pattern! I am actually going to NM soon, so this short sleeve will be great for the numerous outdoor activities planned.


So, I got 3 tops and a pair of shoes from J.Crew Factory; all of them are great for summer!

JCF Sandals.jpg

These sandals are stunning! I cannot wait to wear these out!

JCF Striped SS

I love tops like these because they are great for simple outfits, but basic tees like these are great to build on! You can add a cute statement necklace and create a whole new, jazzed up outfit!

JCF LS.jpg

I also have been loving 3 quarter sleeves for chillier summer days or nights! I think this top, white shorts, and the sandals will be a great Summer outfit!


I’ve been needing some new tanks for the hot Texas weather, so this navy tank will definitely do the job! Plus, I love the silk hem.


Kendra Scott Ring | Lululemon Short Sleeve

 J.Crew Sandals | J.Crew Short Sleeve

 J.Crew Long Sleeve | J.Crew Draped Tank Top


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

And that’s it, I hope you liked this Summer haul! Watch out for a Summer Lookbook in the future! Have a great day.

DIY Summer Inspired Pencil Cup

Hello everyone + welcome back to Sprinkle of Southern! Since school ended for me on Thursday, I’ve had tons of free time when I’m not hanging with friends, so what better thing to do than a DIY?! Today, I’m going to show you guys how to customize and create your own pencil cup that can be used for way more than that! Let’s get crafty.


  1. Target Wooden pencil Cup
  2. 3 Acrylic Paints (colors are up to you)
  3. Paint Brushes or Paint Sponges

My cup was super inexpensive from Target ($3.99), but it’s super cute! My foam paint brush set I used to paint the cup was from Target, as well. The paints I used are Carousel Pink, Navy Blue, and Sea Glass from Americana Paints.

First things first, figure out what color or design you want to paint on your cup; you can browse Pinterest for some inspiration if needed! Then, let the magic begin. I painted my cup with three different colors that I thought would match my room the best! Finally, just fill it with any thing you please (pencils, makeup brushes, etc), and WA-LA you’re done!

This DIY is super cute, but extremely simple, so hopefully y’all try this DIY out! Please let me know what DIY’s you would like to see soon for the summer time!

Have a great Sunday; see you next week!

Target Wooden CupPaint Sponges

Sea Glass Paint | Carousel Pink Paint |

 Navy Blue Paint (Similar)

Summer Earrings Under $100

Hello everyone! Summer is pretty much around the corner, so, personally, my closet + wardrobe is definitely evolving from the long sleeves to trendy tanks! But, we are focusing on accessories today; may I present Summer Earrings (which are all under $100)!!

All of these earrings will match great with a swing dress to an off the shoulder top! Also, none of these earrings cost close to $100, there are all either under $50, or slightly over $50.


Kendra Scott is having a 60% off sale off their sale items, Bauble Bar is having a 50% off sale off their sale items, and Kate Spade is taking off 25% off their sale items UNTIL TOMORROW using the code Speechless; Shop away!

Sites + Earrings are linked here:

Bauble Bar | Kendra Scott | Kate Spade

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Have a great Memorial Day!