Three Ways I Style My Chacos

Welcome friends to another post on Sprinkle of Southern! Today, I’m going to share with y’all how I style my favorite summer shoes; my Chacos! I have three summer outfits that help style your Chacos and I hope you get some outfit inspiration from my three styles. All of the links for each outfit will be linked underneath the pictures featured. Let’s get on with the outfits!



For the first outfit, I chose this sheer, blue pullover with my fav pair of shorts! I love this outfit because it’s super comfy and easy to throw on.

outfit 1.jpg

outfit 1 2

Blue Pullover (similar) | Black Shorts |

 White Sports Bra | Purple Chacos (similar)



For this outfit, I went for a more “fancy” look. I paired up a super comfy navy tank with some denim shorts (they’re there, I promise lol) with the same purple Chacos.

outfit 2

oufit 2 2

Navy Tank | Denim Shorts | Chacos (similar)



I paired the same shorts from outfit 1 with a super lightweight and comfy short sleeve top! I absolutely love this outfit and the colors!

outfit 3

outfit 3 2

Short Sleeve Top (similar) | Black Shorts | Purple Chacos


I hope you enjoyed how I styled my go-to summer shoes! Have a great day!


Pink Romper & Gladiator Sandals

Hello y’all! I recently browsed my local Target’s clothing section and found this beauty! This romper is super comfy and has the most beautiful color for the summer time. Let’s get into my favorite romper and gladiator sandals, all wrapped up into one outfit!


Here’s the look:


My gladiator sandals made my outfit a bit boho, which I loved!


I love the detail in this romper, from the little pom poms at the hem to the cute design on the romper!

I paired up my favorite Kendra earrings to add some extra sparkle.


I absolutely loved creating this outfit with all of my currents faves!



Romper | Lace Up Sandals | Kendra Scott Earrings | Pearl Necklace


I hope you enjoyed this outfit!

My Favorite Summer Outfit 

Through shopping and collecting different summer fashion essentials, I’ve created my go to summer outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down! All of the fashion pieces that are mentioned will be linked down below, so make sure to scroll down to find those.


My flowy tank top is super lightweight and comfy for the summer time, plus it comes in many more fun colors! The tank and sandals in this outfit were featured in my latest haul, so that will also be linked down below as well. I paired up this tank with some plain white shorts from Old Navy.


I dressed up this outfit by adding my magenta Kendra Scott earrings; which added a statement piece to the simple tank and some color! But, I also wore this tank with my classic pearl earrings from Francesca’s for a more laid back look.


Here is the full view of my outfit!


These shoes add so much to a plain navy tank top! The diamonds on the strap automatically caught my eye when browsing the J.Crew Factory in my town. I absolutely love them, plus they are super comfy; so that’s a win-win to me!




Navy Tank Top | Sparkly Sandals | Kendra Scott Earrings | Pearl Earrings

Haul with the Tank and Sandals


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


I hope you liked my favorite Summer outfit and hope you get some inspiration!


My Outfits of the Week 

Hello everyone, welcome back! I am going to show you my outfits from this week from Monday to Friday at school! All outfit details will be linked under the picture of the outfit.

April 25th, 2016 

Here’s a pic of me + my super cute grandpa after a sushi dinner!

For Monday I wanted a cute, yet casual outfit that would be comfy enough for walking to my classes at school, so I knew my new black Birks would make the cut!

Striped Top | Birks | Lokai Bracelet

April 26th, 2016 


For Tuesday’s look, I wanted to style my new tennis shoes in a comfy way, so I obviously went with my Lululemon short sleeve top! Plus, these Nikes are the comfiest shoes ever + come in so many different colors!

Short Sleeve | Shoes

April 27th, 2016 

For Wednesday, I grabbed my tennis shoes for the second time this week and paired it up with a black top, because it was one of those comfy days. I absolutely love this top, especially for spring, because its super lightweight.

3/4 Sleeved Top | Tennis Shoes

April 28th, 2016

Thursday, I went for my Birkenstocks again, because who doesn’t love these comfy ol’ things! I matched these black shoes with a pink striped top, which is super cute + lightweight.

Striped Top  |  Birks

April 29th, 2016

For a rainy Friday, I pulled out my same Nikes and paired these shoes with a plain Navy top. I’m sorry, I don’t have a pic, but the shoes + top are linked down below.

Navy Top | Nike Shoes

I hope you guys liked this post + have a great weekend!

Stripes & Statements 

I’ve prepared an outfit that you guys are sure to love with my favorite, a striped tee! This outfit is great for pretty much any occasion because you can jazz it up from day to night. 

I paired this red striped tee from Old Navy with a statement necklace from Charlotte Russe (this place is great for cheap, cute jewelry). I wanted to go for a simple, but super classy outfit that is perfect for school or a night out. 

I topped off the look with a classic french braid going into a high pony tail. I love this hairstyle because it gets your hair out of your face, but spices up any outfit! 

And of course, I had to add a statement necklace to this outfit, because it adds something extra! 

I hope you guys like these type of outfit posts; Have a great day!! 

Favorite Winter Outfit 

For the dropping temperatures and the chilly mornings, my wardrobe has gotten cozier and warmer for going to school. So, for this post, I’m pretty much going to obsess over this outfit, because it is my favorite go-to outfit for school or for a party! 

This sweater from Jcrew is such a soft piece that looks great alone, over a flannel, or thrown on with a simple cardigan! 

These flats from The Lucky Brand are so comfy, I can go a day of school with no aches as I walk, so they are an easy choice for a day at school! 

This outfit can be changed to match the temperatures where you live, by adding extra layers or nothing at all. 

PS. I could not find the sweater from this post on the Jcrew site, so I listed some similar styles that are the same color! 


Sweater (similar) 

Sweater (similar) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for an outfit you can try out! 

XO, Sprinkle Of Southern 


Christmas Eve/ New Years Outfits

I love to get fancy for some days in the holidays, like Christmas Eve or New Years, so I have 3 outfits that I created using the app Polyvore, that I hope you will get inspiration from!  

 These outfits are outfits that you can prepare using your own clothes found in your closets! The items in each outfit can be switched around to meet your needs! I hope these outfits give you a spark for what you want to wear for your holiday party/ night! 

Have a great holiday season!