DIY 2016 Clip Board Calender

So for the new year, I have picked a DIY that will help you keep track of the days and months! I tried to copy the printable version of the calender, but I DIYed it instead! 

So let’s begin! 


  1. Sharpies/ Markers 
  2. Crayons (opt.) 
  3. Paper (I cut mine in half)
  4. Clipboard (opt.)
  5. Ruler 

First, I made a border around the white printer paper (you can also use cardstock paper) using my sharpie. I wrote the month in a thin font and went over it with a matching crayon from a Crayola Crayon Set.  

After I finished all of the months, I clipped them into a clipboard from the brand Poppin

Here are some free printable sheets of you aren’t into DIYing:

Printable One
Printable Two
Printable Three
As well, here is a desk calender you can purchase from the website Evelyn Henson

Desk Calender
Hope you guys liked this post, but make sure you let me know in the comments, what you want to see on this blog! Have a great day! 



My New Years Resolutions

This is my very first post of 2016 *confetti shoots out and fireworks start to explode*!! Today, I have my resolutions that will help me through the new year and hopefully you guys too!! Let’s get onto the resolutions! 

  1. Being More Healthy 
  2. Working Out More
  3. Not Getting On My Phone As Much
  4. Reading More
  5. Being Nicer To My Siblings (haha) 
  6. Getting GREAT Grades
  7. Drinking More Water
  8. Keeping Up With This Blog

For the New Year, I want to be more healthy and exercise because it will help you in the long run; you will feel great overall and come out of it with some nice muscles!! I would LOVE to read more, but with school & other activities, it’s not really a top priority for me, but for the New Year, I want to drop my phone and start picking up a book! For this blog in the upcoming year, I want it to get bigger and bigger! I hope I can give you guys what you want to see (please let me know in the comment section what you guys want to see; lookbooks, DIYs, or monthly favorites) , because this blog isn’t going anywhere! 

So that’s pretty much it, so thank you guys for a GREAT 2015, and I hope we can continue the greatness into 2016!!