DIY Leather & Pearl Choker Necklace

Hello and welcome to Sprinkle of Southern! About 3 days ago (I would say), I posted a picture with me in my DIY Leather and Pearl necklace, and I got two requests to show y’all how I made it. I spent less than $10 on this entire project, and I know that these can range from $12-$20, so this definitely is a deal! I hope you enjoy!






All you need is…

  1. Pearl Beads (there are different sizes, but I used one of the biggest sizes I found)
  2. Black Leather Cording (I used a medium thickness)
  3. Scissors
  4. Pliers (Optional)



The first thing you need to do is measure the length of how long you want the necklace plus add two inches, because you will be knotting and shortening the cording.



Then, slide on the amount of beads that you want in the center (I chose one bead) plus add one more pearl for the end.




Tie a knot at the end to prevent the bead from falling off. I used my pliers to tighten the knot.




Next, slide the pearl up against the first knot and tie the other side of the pearl. For right now, leave the other pearl(s) we added on first alone.



Now, we’re going to start with how to secure the necklace. You can definitely go with clasps to secure it, but I chose to do a tying method that I will show y’all how to do.

First, create a little loop with the other end of your cord.



Then, I wrapped the cording around my finger to start the knot.



Loop the cording around your finger just like you would knot a knot.



Then pull the end through the knot and pull down.



Pull the knot up until the knot is fully secured on the cording. You can also pull the end of the cord with the pliers.




To finish off the tutorial, I’m going to show y’all how to secure the pearl(s) in the front of the necklace.

Place the pearl in the center of your cording.



Then, tie a knot on both sides of the knot.






Then you’re done! I hope you enjoyed how to make this necklace!


DIY Summer Strawberry + Mango Smoothie

Hello y’all! I got a request on my Instagram to do some easy summer snacks, so that’s what I’m doing today! I decided to show y’all how to make a super duper easy, but delicious strawberry and mango smoothie; let’s begin!



ingrediants bp

  1. Organic Frozen Strawberries
  2. Frozen Mangos
  3. Vanilla
  4. Milk (of any kind)
  5. A Blender
  6. Ice


To start, grab your milk and pour the amount of milk that you please. Since my blender is small, I filled it about a little more than half of the blender.

milk bp


Next, I splashed in dash of vanilla extract to add some more flavor.

vanilla bp


Then, start adding your fruit. I used about a handful and a half of both the strawberries and the mangos.

strawberries bp


I then added ice for thickness.

ice bp


Finally, you’re ready to blend! I kept my smoothie blending until I saw it get smooth and thick.

blending bp


This smoothie is super delicious! It’s great for on-the go or to quench your thirst!

sipping bp

thumbs up bp



Blender I Used


Super Bowl Treats


I hope y’all liked these cooking type of posts! Have a great day!

How To: Calligraphy 

For the new year, I’ve wanted to start some things that I’ve always wanted to try out, like yoga, water color painting, and… calligraphy! I am no expert, but I have easy tips that will help you guys master calligraphy for beginners!   

First off, I started free-handing a letter in cursive. At different parts of the letter, make edges curvier. Afterwards, I darkened and thickened parts of the letter to create a fun look to it.  


I use a black Stained by Sharpie Pen usually (it is actually a fabric pen, but it works great on regular printer paper),that I purchased from Hobby Lobby, that is super glossy and writes amazingly! You can also use a Papermate Flair Pen, a Ballpoint Pen, or just a regular black pen, if you don’t want to spend the big bucks for an expensive kit or a special pen. 

I tried it out by writing some of my favorite quotes. 


I actually used a regular black pen to write both of these quotes, not the Sharpie pen. 

If you are looking to get on the next level of calligraphy, you can check out classes, Instagram pages, or tutorials on YouTube! 

Stained by Sharpie Pen

Have a great day & I hope you learned a little about calligraphy!! 
PS. If you like How To’s, let me know what you want to see a tutorial of in the future!

XO, Sprinkle Of Southern


DIY 2016 Clip Board Calender

So for the new year, I have picked a DIY that will help you keep track of the days and months! I tried to copy the printable version of the calender, but I DIYed it instead! 

So let’s begin! 


  1. Sharpies/ Markers 
  2. Crayons (opt.) 
  3. Paper (I cut mine in half)
  4. Clipboard (opt.)
  5. Ruler 

First, I made a border around the white printer paper (you can also use cardstock paper) using my sharpie. I wrote the month in a thin font and went over it with a matching crayon from a Crayola Crayon Set.  

After I finished all of the months, I clipped them into a clipboard from the brand Poppin

Here are some free printable sheets of you aren’t into DIYing:

Printable One
Printable Two
Printable Three
As well, here is a desk calender you can purchase from the website Evelyn Henson

Desk Calender
Hope you guys liked this post, but make sure you let me know in the comments, what you want to see on this blog! Have a great day! 


DIY Strawberry Halloween Costume

  Halloween is today & it is very crucial to have a costume even if you’re trick or treating, or even passing out candy to the little boys and girls! I have a costume that you will be able to whip up in 10 minutes max, but still look presentable for parties or just a night with your family!



  1. A Red/ Pink Shirt
  2. White Paper
  3. Green Paper
  4. A Headband
  5. Hot glue
  6. Tape

I started off by making the strawberry shirt. I took a reddish pink shirt from Old Navy and started cutting rain drop shapes out of my white paper (this is for the seeds).  

I made about 13 shapes and started taping them onto my shirt with regular scotch tape.

 And that’s it for the shirt! 

Now onto the headband! 

I started off by cutting out large leaf shapes out of big sticky notes (I didn’t have green scrapbook paper) and I rolled one sheet of sticky note into a role.  

    I started to hot glue the leaves onto the role and the role onto the headband.
   And ta-da you have a strawberry Halloween costume!  

I hope you guys have a great halloween!