DIY Summer Inspired Pencil Cup

Hello everyone + welcome back to Sprinkle of Southern! Since school ended for me on Thursday, I’ve had tons of free time when I’m not hanging with friends, so what better thing to do than a DIY?! Today, I’m going to show you guys how to customize and create your own pencil cup that can be used for way more than that! Let’s get crafty.


  1. Target Wooden pencil Cup
  2. 3 Acrylic Paints (colors are up to you)
  3. Paint Brushes or Paint Sponges

My cup was super inexpensive from Target ($3.99), but it’s super cute! My foam paint brush set I used to paint the cup was from Target, as well. The paints I used are Carousel Pink, Navy Blue, and Sea Glass from Americana Paints.

First things first, figure out what color or design you want to paint on your cup; you can browse Pinterest for some inspiration if needed! Then, let the magic begin. I painted my cup with three different colors that I thought would match my room the best! Finally, just fill it with any thing you please (pencils, makeup brushes, etc), and WA-LA you’re done!

This DIY is super cute, but extremely simple, so hopefully y’all try this DIY out! Please let me know what DIY’s you would like to see soon for the summer time!

Have a great Sunday; see you next week!

Target Wooden CupPaint Sponges

Sea Glass Paint | Carousel Pink Paint |

 Navy Blue Paint (Similar)


DIY Hanging Succulent 

Hello everybody, I hope y’all are having a great day! I am back again with another Summer DIY to get your room into the Summer spirit! This DIY has been one of my favorite decor obsessions; Hanging Succulents.

For this DIY, all you’re going to need is thick string and a pot. I bought a kit from Target that included all the supplies you will see in this craft, but you can buy the supplies from your local craft store or even the dollar store.

Here, I’m going to show y’all the oh-so simple knotting technique you have to do to create the base for your pot.

Take six pieces of string, each 2 ft long. Then, tie them all in a knot about 1-2 inches away from the beginning of your string. Separate the 6 pieces of string into 3 groups of 2.

Tie the 2 strings together in each group, 1 inch away from the knot.

Then, leaving the two ends aside, tie the two strings on each side of the middle knot together.

Then, take the end pieces and tie them together.

Tie the strings together and you’re done!!

I actually painted some rocks like little cactus’s and placed them in the pot.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Have a great start to your summer!

DIY Pinhead Bulletin Board

Happy Sunday! For today’s post, I wanted to show you guys how to make a DIY Pinhead Bulletin Board that was inspired by Pottery Barn Teen for… $159, yes I know expensive! This whole DIY only cost around $10 + it is looks almost identical. All of the supplies were purchased from my local craft store. This DIY is great for a gift, to hang pictures, or for decoration!

Here is the Pottery Barn Teen Bulletin Board:

Nailhead Pinboard

Here is my take on the Bulletin Board:


  1. White Painting Canvas (The size is up to you)
  2. Round Ended Pins (The color is up to you, I chose a grayish color)

The first thing you want to do is sketch where you want to place your pins, with a pen or preferably a pencil, by making small dots. Then take your pins and jam then into your canvas, creating your preferred design. I loved creating my own board because it was so much cheaper + I got to choose what size I wanted it to be!


When I started sketching out my design on my canvas + placing the pins, I ran into the wooden back of the canvas. I would definitely recommend to start placing your pins + drawing your design above the border of wood around the canvas, because I honestly didn’t want to have to hammer in my pins for this DIY.


I bought two canvases, but only one box of pins & I quickly ran out and didn’t have enough pins for my second canvas, so I recommend buying the same amount of boxes of pins as you did canvases.

And that’s it; I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Let me know any more DIY’s that y’all wanted to see in the future! Have an amazing day!

DIY Super Bowl Treats

For the Super Bowl, my family is hosting a party, so we decided to DIY some great treats that are sure to impress your guests! 

  1. Field Goal Brownies

I took a Brownie mix from Target and followed the instructions on the box. I took a cream cheese frosting and dipped some green food coloring to look like grass. I then made a field goal post out of paper and screwed it into the brownie using a scewer, and that’s it!!  

   (And I know the icing on the picture looks teal, but it’s green, I promise) 

  1. Football Brownies

I took the same brownies and took some cream cheese frosting and put it into a ziplock baggy, and I cut the tip. I piped the laces and that’s  pretty much it!!  


  1. Broncos Cupcakes

I was going for the Broncos so I had to pick the legendary orange and blue colors! I took Yellow Cupcake Mix and followed the directions on the box to start the dessert. I took the same cream cheese frosting and took orange and blue food coloring to mix it into the frosting. I got a pack of fancy tips and piping bags to pipe the frosting on the cupcakes!  

 All of these ingredients were from Target, but can be found at any grocery store. 

These yummy treats are sure to keep your guests wanting more!! 

Have a great day cheering on your team!! 


Quick DIY Gift Box

I have a super easy and quick DIY box that you can decorate using the items found on your desk/home for your loved one/ friend!


  1. Box or Mason Jar
  2. Sharpies



 This gift will add a smile one the face of the person receiving this gift, so let’s get started! Now, using your sharpies, decorate the box with a festive quote or an inside joke, or even their monogram/ name! Then, you can fill the box with their favorite goodies/ candy & ta-da; you have a fun gift for your friend/ family member!  

Have a great holiday!