3 Things You Can Do in The Holidays

Holiday Break for me is in two weeks, and if you’re like me, I like to be productive with my time! I have 3 activities you can do with your friends, that will make for some great memories!

Decorating Gingerbread Cookies

You can invite some friends over to decorate some cookies! You can purchase a cookie kit at a grocery store, and it comes with tons of decorations, frostings, and toppings! 

Have A Hot Chocolate Party

You can get some different toppings, like marshmellows and whipped cream, and have a fun time layering your hot chocolate with all that your stomach desires! It also makes for some artsy pictures! 

Have a Christmas Photoshoot or DIY Some Ornaments

Grab your phone or your camera, dress up a little, and have a fun, festive photo shoot! You can also make some cute ornaments found online, DIY blogs/ YouTube channels, or Pinterest. 

Good luck on finals & have a great holiday season!!