My Top Four Preppy BTS Essentials

Hello friends! School is around the corner, whether we like it or not, so I wanted to start off my Back to School posts with some of my top four preppy back to school essentials! Let’s begin with the fun stuff.



The Perfect Backpack

me and north face

For this upcoming school year, I’ve had my eyes on the North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack and for my birthday, I was so happy to have received this one! This backpack has so much storage and compartments to hold school supplies and much much more! I’m hoping to do a “Backpack Organization” post in the future.


The Trendiest Water Bottle

swell water bottle btss

To keep my thirst quenched during school, my go to is my Camel Bak Eddie Water Bottle, but the Swell Bottles have definitely been on my wishlist for school, especially the white one or this magenta one!


A Lilly Agenda

lilly agenda btss

I absolutely loved my Lilly Pulitzer agenda last year! It has so much room to write daily to-do’s, but for me, homework! I recommend this agenda to everyone! Plus, there are so many sizes to choose from that works best for you!


Fun Pencils

pencils bts

These super cute ones from Bando are so fun for school! I love the colors and why wouldn’t who want to have cute pencils for school?! These pencils are also a sneak peak for an upcoming post!



North Face Backpack I Have (similar) | Swell Water Bottle

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda | Bando Pencils


1 | 2 | 3 | 4


I hope you enjoyed my preppy school supplies essentials! Stay tuned for more BTS inspired posts coming up!


My 6 Desk Essentials

Hello lovelies and welcome back! To begin, you need the back story… My desk is always the cleanest area in my room, so I’ve found my essentials on my desk that keep it organized and fun! So, I am going to share my essentials that I hope will give you some inspiration for your desk! Let’s get on with the post:


Flowers or Succulents

I have both a plant and a succulent on my desk! They can add much needed color as well as a more earthy and alive feel to a simple part of your office or bedroom. Plus, there are so many flowers and succulents to chose from that will give you the right amount of “something” to your room.

flowers bp

succulents bp


Calenders or Agendas

I used my Lilly agenda in school like crazy, but I never used it in the summer time, so I decided to give the organized summer life a try! I try to write in my plans for the month as much as I can because it helps me remember what I have going on each day.

agenda bp


Candles or a Difuser

I have a difuser on my desk to keep me relaxed whether I was studying during the school year or just blogging in the summer time! Candles work great as well, I just can’t burn any because my parents think I will burn the house down (lol).

difuser bp


Notepad or Sticky Notes

If you’re like me, you write down things like crazy, so a notepad is a must! Plus, you can get any set of notepads and sticky notes for pretty cheap.

note pad bp



Like I said, I write things down a lot, so how could you write things down without your favorite pen? exactly. I love to have tons of pens or pencils to write down notes.

pens bp


Storage Bins / Jars

To organize the pens, supplies, markers, and all of the little things on my desk, I use storage jars, which always do the trick! I also did a DIY on the colorful wooden pencil holder, so scroll down to find the link to check it out.

organization bp

DIY Wooden Pencil Cup


I hope you enjoyed my desk essentials! See you in my next post.

DIY Pinhead Bulletin Board

Happy Sunday! For today’s post, I wanted to show you guys how to make a DIY Pinhead Bulletin Board that was inspired by Pottery Barn Teen for… $159, yes I know expensive! This whole DIY only cost around $10 + it is looks almost identical. All of the supplies were purchased from my local craft store. This DIY is great for a gift, to hang pictures, or for decoration!

Here is the Pottery Barn Teen Bulletin Board:

Nailhead Pinboard

Here is my take on the Bulletin Board:


  1. White Painting Canvas (The size is up to you)
  2. Round Ended Pins (The color is up to you, I chose a grayish color)

The first thing you want to do is sketch where you want to place your pins, with a pen or preferably a pencil, by making small dots. Then take your pins and jam then into your canvas, creating your preferred design. I loved creating my own board because it was so much cheaper + I got to choose what size I wanted it to be!


When I started sketching out my design on my canvas + placing the pins, I ran into the wooden back of the canvas. I would definitely recommend to start placing your pins + drawing your design above the border of wood around the canvas, because I honestly didn’t want to have to hammer in my pins for this DIY.


I bought two canvases, but only one box of pins & I quickly ran out and didn’t have enough pins for my second canvas, so I recommend buying the same amount of boxes of pins as you did canvases.

And that’s it; I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Let me know any more DIY’s that y’all wanted to see in the future! Have an amazing day!

Preppy Bedroom Essentials 

For me, as years go by, I grow out of my bedrooms and start to browse Pinterest for a better, more older-looking bedroom, so this post represents some stuff to make your room more “preppy” and what I might want to accomplish to my bedroom! Let’s get started. 

Bedspread: This duvet from PBTeen is a great piece to have to really make your bed pop! The monogram in the middle adds a preppies feel to your bed + your room! 

Tassel Garland: This tassel garland from Etsy adds color to any wall in your room, whether you want to create a gallery wall or just make a certain spot pop! 

Lamp: Pretty lamps always add a fun look to any dresser or desk! I especially love the lamp I added to this post because it’s super simple, but the single stripes just add a special touch! 

Rug: I choose this rug because the stripes match the stripes from the lamp and the bedspread! 

Monogram Pillow: This pillow is probably my favorite piece from this post, because it completes a bed or a fun chair! This pillow also comes in other fun colors! 

Monogram Dish: Fun decor like this one from Etsy is a great way to spice up your dresser while still displaying your favorite jewelry! 

I hope you guys liked this post! Have an amazing day + a great week!!