DIY Summer Strawberry + Mango Smoothie

Hello y’all! I got a request on my Instagram to do some easy summer snacks, so that’s what I’m doing today! I decided to show y’all how to make a super duper easy, but delicious strawberry and mango smoothie; let’s begin!



ingrediants bp

  1. Organic Frozen Strawberries
  2. Frozen Mangos
  3. Vanilla
  4. Milk (of any kind)
  5. A Blender
  6. Ice


To start, grab your milk and pour the amount of milk that you please. Since my blender is small, I filled it about a little more than half of the blender.

milk bp


Next, I splashed in dash of vanilla extract to add some more flavor.

vanilla bp


Then, start adding your fruit. I used about a handful and a half of both the strawberries and the mangos.

strawberries bp


I then added ice for thickness.

ice bp


Finally, you’re ready to blend! I kept my smoothie blending until I saw it get smooth and thick.

blending bp


This smoothie is super delicious! It’s great for on-the go or to quench your thirst!

sipping bp

thumbs up bp



Blender I Used


Super Bowl Treats


I hope y’all liked these cooking type of posts! Have a great day!


DIY Super Bowl Treats

For the Super Bowl, my family is hosting a party, so we decided to DIY some great treats that are sure to impress your guests! 

  1. Field Goal Brownies

I took a Brownie mix from Target and followed the instructions on the box. I took a cream cheese frosting and dipped some green food coloring to look like grass. I then made a field goal post out of paper and screwed it into the brownie using a scewer, and that’s it!!  

   (And I know the icing on the picture looks teal, but it’s green, I promise) 

  1. Football Brownies

I took the same brownies and took some cream cheese frosting and put it into a ziplock baggy, and I cut the tip. I piped the laces and that’s  pretty much it!!  


  1. Broncos Cupcakes

I was going for the Broncos so I had to pick the legendary orange and blue colors! I took Yellow Cupcake Mix and followed the directions on the box to start the dessert. I took the same cream cheese frosting and took orange and blue food coloring to mix it into the frosting. I got a pack of fancy tips and piping bags to pipe the frosting on the cupcakes!  

 All of these ingredients were from Target, but can be found at any grocery store. 

These yummy treats are sure to keep your guests wanting more!! 

Have a great day cheering on your team!!