How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Hello ladies and welcome to another post here on Sprinkle of Southern! I wanted to share how I edit my Instagram pictures with y’all today, so read on to learn about my routine & the apps I use.


This is the before and after pic.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV


To start, I will pull up Color Story; the app I use to edit my pictures, which I believe is free in the app store.

open up app.png

I will then pick the picture I would like to edit.

before pic fr


To begin the editing process, I will add the filter Ice Ice as a base to my picture before editing. This filter is in the Essentials folder.

added Ice Ice.png


Then, going into the Tools folder, I will start by adding a smidge of contrast.

Add contrast.png


Next I add brightness. I didn’t add too much for this picture, but it depends on what pic I’m editing.

Add brightness.png


Finally, my absolute favorite part… saturation! I went almost to the maximum saturation for this pic. I honestly think, for me, the saturation really adds to the pic!

Add saturation.png


To add some more color, I will add some temperature, but on the more yellow side.

Add temp.png


Then, I’m done! I hope you enjoyed how I edit my Instagram pictures!

See you soon!


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