I Got My Braces Off! 

The tiny metal train tracks in my mouth have been in there since February of 2015, so I’ve had them on for about a year and 4 months, so I was definitely ready for them to be taken out! I got my braces off on June 27th at 10:30 am, so that would’ve been yesterday. In this post, I’m going to share my experience with braces as well as my immediate review without them; also scroll for the before + after.


Braces Experience: 

I didn’t notice I had braces after about two weeks after getting them on. Personally, I really didn’t follow the rules of what not to eat, so that resulted in me breaking eight brackets; I know that’s a lot. During the year and four months of having braces, I had to wear head gear to help expand my mouth and bands to help with my overbite. I didn’t have bad teeth before braces, just some slightly crooked teeth here + there. But let’s get on with the review without braces:


Review After No Braces: 

My teeth felt so weird, but I am super excited to have them off!


Before & After Pics: 


Thank you for tagging along, through this post, with me through a very memorable stage in my life! See you soon! I hope you liked going in detail through a day in my life!


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