Exploring Taos, New Mexico

Summer has officially started (on June the 20th), so the summer shenanigans have begun! For my first summer vacay, my family & my besties family went to Taos, New Mexico for a week to explore this ski town. I have my top things to do in this small pueblo, plus a great summer outfit that will help y’all beat the heat + my overall vacation; through pics of course!


Activities Day by Day:  

Taos, surprisingly, had a lot of things to do especially because it is a small town, so we were never bored! We arrived on Friday the 17th, and the next day, we explored the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge; let me tell you, scary! We also visited the small shops around the gorge and drove up to the town plaza.


On Sunday, we went hiking to Williams Lake for Father’s Day; the hike was pretty, but the lake wasn’t a great destination for the 2 mile hike to the lake.


Then on Monday, we visited a Ski Resort called Angel Fire, where my sis + bff went Ziplining!


On Tuesday, we went to a pottery place where we got to make our own pottery with a block of clay & a wheel; it was a blast!


Finally, on Wednesday, we drove about an hour to Santa Fe to explore the historic churches around the area and to walk around downtown. We went into one Church that was rumored to be haunted, so that made the experience way funner!


Best Travel Outfit Ever: 

For the first full day in Taos, I paired up my Lulu tank with some white Old Navy shorts and my Target sunglasses hung by my Lilly Pulitzer croakie. I pulled the look together with my Nike FlyKnits and a Vineyard Vines navy baseball cap! This is a great and lightweight outfit that is ready for the hot summer sun! This outfit is featured in my Day 1 paragraph if you scroll up.

Lulu Tank | Target Sunglasses | Lilly Croakies (similar) | Nike FlyKnits | VV Hat


Then, the day came to leave on Thursday; I totally recommend taking the time to visit this pueblo this summer; it’s beautiful!


I hope you liked this travel post! Make sure to keep your eyes open for a very exciting post in the next couple of days! Have a great day + I apologize for not having a post up last Sunday. Bye!



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