Summer Haul: Kendra Scott, Lululemon, & J.Crew

Hello everyone, welcome back to Sprinkle of Southern! I’m here with a BIG Summer Haul, that is super collective! Let’s just get on with the goodies.

Kendra Scott

I’ve been dying for a ring from Kendra Scott, but I’ve never gotten the chance to purchase one, but I had my birthday party last Friday, and my BFF got me a KS gift card, so I had an excuse to get it. I designed the ‘Judy’ ring in the Color Bar and I chose an Ivory Pearl stone with the gold base.


Ok, I’m obsessed! I have another Lulu short sleeve in gray, but I couldn’t pass up this pink one, plus I’ve never seen a top with this super cute rose pattern! I am actually going to NM soon, so this short sleeve will be great for the numerous outdoor activities planned.


So, I got 3 tops and a pair of shoes from J.Crew Factory; all of them are great for summer!

JCF Sandals.jpg

These sandals are stunning! I cannot wait to wear these out!

JCF Striped SS

I love tops like these because they are great for simple outfits, but basic tees like these are great to build on! You can add a cute statement necklace and create a whole new, jazzed up outfit!

JCF LS.jpg

I also have been loving 3 quarter sleeves for chillier summer days or nights! I think this top, white shorts, and the sandals will be a great Summer outfit!


I’ve been needing some new tanks for the hot Texas weather, so this navy tank will definitely do the job! Plus, I love the silk hem.


Kendra Scott Ring | Lululemon Short Sleeve

 J.Crew Sandals | J.Crew Short Sleeve

 J.Crew Long Sleeve | J.Crew Draped Tank Top


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

And that’s it, I hope you liked this Summer haul! Watch out for a Summer Lookbook in the future! Have a great day.


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