DIY Summer Inspired Pencil Cup

Hello everyone + welcome back to Sprinkle of Southern! Since school ended for me on Thursday, I’ve had tons of free time when I’m not hanging with friends, so what better thing to do than a DIY?! Today, I’m going to show you guys how to customize and create your own pencil cup that can be used for way more than that! Let’s get crafty.


  1. Target Wooden pencil Cup
  2. 3 Acrylic Paints (colors are up to you)
  3. Paint Brushes or Paint Sponges

My cup was super inexpensive from Target ($3.99), but it’s super cute! My foam paint brush set I used to paint the cup was from Target, as well. The paints I used are Carousel Pink, Navy Blue, and Sea Glass from Americana Paints.

First things first, figure out what color or design you want to paint on your cup; you can browse Pinterest for some inspiration if needed! Then, let the magic begin. I painted my cup with three different colors that I thought would match my room the best! Finally, just fill it with any thing you please (pencils, makeup brushes, etc), and WA-LA you’re done!

This DIY is super cute, but extremely simple, so hopefully y’all try this DIY out! Please let me know what DIY’s you would like to see soon for the summer time!

Have a great Sunday; see you next week!

Target Wooden CupPaint Sponges

Sea Glass Paint | Carousel Pink Paint |

 Navy Blue Paint (Similar)


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