My Outfits of the Week 

Hello everyone, welcome back! I am going to show you my outfits from this week from Monday to Friday at school! All outfit details will be linked under the picture of the outfit.

April 25th, 2016 

Here’s a pic of me + my super cute grandpa after a sushi dinner!

For Monday I wanted a cute, yet casual outfit that would be comfy enough for walking to my classes at school, so I knew my new black Birks would make the cut!

Striped Top | Birks | Lokai Bracelet

April 26th, 2016 


For Tuesday’s look, I wanted to style my new tennis shoes in a comfy way, so I obviously went with my Lululemon short sleeve top! Plus, these Nikes are the comfiest shoes ever + come in so many different colors!

Short Sleeve | Shoes

April 27th, 2016 

For Wednesday, I grabbed my tennis shoes for the second time this week and paired it up with a black top, because it was one of those comfy days. I absolutely love this top, especially for spring, because its super lightweight.

3/4 Sleeved Top | Tennis Shoes

April 28th, 2016

Thursday, I went for my Birkenstocks again, because who doesn’t love these comfy ol’ things! I matched these black shoes with a pink striped top, which is super cute + lightweight.

Striped Top  |  Birks

April 29th, 2016

For a rainy Friday, I pulled out my same Nikes and paired these shoes with a plain Navy top. I’m sorry, I don’t have a pic, but the shoes + top are linked down below.

Navy Top | Nike Shoes

I hope you guys liked this post + have a great weekend!

Lululemon Haul

Since you guys really liked my previous hauls + I personally always love to read about hauls, I’m here again with another haul. The exact links for the two items will be at the end of this post if you scroll down.

Here are my previous hauls (1234)


The first thing I got was the Swiftly Tech Racer back In Heathered Pink Paradise. I have been loving this color for a while, so I was so happy to find this at my local Lululemon. This tank adds so much color to an outfit, plus it is so comfy!


The second thing I got was the Swiftly Tech Racer Back in Black. I loved the sleek look of the black + I loved the fact that is matches with pretty much everything!

These two tanks literally feel like you don’t have a top on; they are so lightweight, so they are perfect for sports, working out, or yoga! They only tip I have is to go up a size (unless you like tight tanks), I am usually a 2, but I went up to a 4.

Black Tank     Pink Tank

I hope you liked this post + this haul. Have a great day!

Meet My Twin Sister!!


Since today is National Sibling Day, I wanted to introduce to you… my twin sister! We are actually two minutes apart and I was born first! I’m going to ask her a series of questions and she will tell me her responses; let’s get started!

What is your name? Valentina

What is your favorite color? Coral

What grade are you (we) in: 8th Grade

Favorite clothing brands? JCrew, Urban Outfitters, Lululemon, and Abercrombie

Favorite spring outfit? Lululemon shorts with a Vineyard Vines tee OR Urban Outfitters T-Shirt Dress

Stripes or Polka Dots? Stripes

Favorite school subject? Reading

What do you want to be when you grow up? She doesn’t know yet

Vineyard Vines or Southern Shirt? Vineyard Vines

What is on your wishlist for spring/summer? Lululemon shorts and a new Kendra Scott necklace.

Favorite Netflix show? The Fosters or Baby Daddy

Favorite hobby? Hanging with friends


I hope you liked getting to know my twin sister and soon I’ll do a Get To Know Me post! Have a great day today!





Peel Off Mask Review + Experience 

Hello everyone, welcome back!! I recently tryed out a peel off mask from the brand Que Bella from Target. Let me just say, five stars!! I loved this product, so I’m going to show you my experience with a peel off mask & the results! 

Applying The Mask: I used the Que Bella Skin Brightening Papaya Peel Off Mask. I have to say, I don’t like the smell of papayas, so opening the pouch was kind of smelly for me. As soon as I opened the pouch, there was thick, gooey gel (almost) and there was enough to buy a pouch for two people. I evenly put a medium amount of the gel on my face (not a thin amount, but not a thick amount), then waited about 16 minutes to set. 
Tip: If you put a lot of the gel on your face, it will take a longer time to set, so the 15-20 minutes you have to wait will need to increase to about 25 minutes. 

Peeling Off The Mask: After 16 minutes of waiting, I peeled of the mask starting from my jawline, all the way up to my forehead, then back down to my jawline on the other said of my face. It didn’t hurt at all to take off the mask, and it didn’t leave any red spots on my face (as it said on a review I read). 
Tip: On the pouch it says to not put the gel on your eyebrows, any hair on your face, around your lips and eyes. I tried the best I could to not spread the gel around my eyebrows, but it drips a little so when peeling off the mask, I was a lot more careful around my eyebrows.


Results: This is how my face turned out, my skin was so soft and smooth!! I would definitely use this product again! 

So this product was a success in my mind! I hope you guys liked this post & enjoyed me reviewing products; let me know if you want me to review anything else! Have a great Sunday!