My Winter Skin Routine

My skin routine really doesn’t change with the seasons, but my skin gets so much dryer in the winter, so I have to go to the moisturizers + cleansers that help my dry skin! 


  1. First, I remove my mascara with the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Wipes.
  2. Next, I get my Clarisonic Mia 1 and splash water on the head of the brush, to make sure my face wash gets bubbly and liquidy. 
  3. I get my Cetaphil face wash and squirt two, dime sized portions into the brush head of my Clarisonic. 
  4. I then will dap water onto my face, which is already makeup free. 
  5. I turn on my Clarisonic and watch the magic happen, as I cleanse my face, especially my nose, and my lips. (It goes on for exactly one minute, exfoliating your pores + cleansing your skin). 
  6. As soon as the Clarisonic is done, I wash my face with water and dry using a face towel. I try not to slide the towel down my face, instead I press the towel to rinse my wet face. 
  7. I quickly take my Clinique Moisturizer and take about 2 pea sized squirts of it, and equally massage that into my skin. Moisturizers really help your skin if it’s dry, so it’s a real go-to for the winter time! 

Then I’m done! My face feels, right off the bat, smoother and 10 times fresher! I really recommend all of these products because they rock!! 

Have an amazing day!!  


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