My Winter Skin Routine

My skin routine really doesn’t change with the seasons, but my skin gets so much dryer in the winter, so I have to go to the moisturizers + cleansers that help my dry skin! 


  1. First, I remove my mascara with the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Wipes.
  2. Next, I get my Clarisonic Mia 1 and splash water on the head of the brush, to make sure my face wash gets bubbly and liquidy. 
  3. I get my Cetaphil face wash and squirt two, dime sized portions into the brush head of my Clarisonic. 
  4. I then will dap water onto my face, which is already makeup free. 
  5. I turn on my Clarisonic and watch the magic happen, as I cleanse my face, especially my nose, and my lips. (It goes on for exactly one minute, exfoliating your pores + cleansing your skin). 
  6. As soon as the Clarisonic is done, I wash my face with water and dry using a face towel. I try not to slide the towel down my face, instead I press the towel to rinse my wet face. 
  7. I quickly take my Clinique Moisturizer and take about 2 pea sized squirts of it, and equally massage that into my skin. Moisturizers really help your skin if it’s dry, so it’s a real go-to for the winter time! 

Then I’m done! My face feels, right off the bat, smoother and 10 times fresher! I really recommend all of these products because they rock!! 

Have an amazing day!!  

DIY Super Bowl Treats

For the Super Bowl, my family is hosting a party, so we decided to DIY some great treats that are sure to impress your guests! 

  1. Field Goal Brownies

I took a Brownie mix from Target and followed the instructions on the box. I took a cream cheese frosting and dipped some green food coloring to look like grass. I then made a field goal post out of paper and screwed it into the brownie using a scewer, and that’s it!!  

   (And I know the icing on the picture looks teal, but it’s green, I promise) 

  1. Football Brownies

I took the same brownies and took some cream cheese frosting and put it into a ziplock baggy, and I cut the tip. I piped the laces and that’s  pretty much it!!  


  1. Broncos Cupcakes

I was going for the Broncos so I had to pick the legendary orange and blue colors! I took Yellow Cupcake Mix and followed the directions on the box to start the dessert. I took the same cream cheese frosting and took orange and blue food coloring to mix it into the frosting. I got a pack of fancy tips and piping bags to pipe the frosting on the cupcakes!  

 All of these ingredients were from Target, but can be found at any grocery store. 

These yummy treats are sure to keep your guests wanting more!! 

Have a great day cheering on your team!!