How To: Calligraphy 

For the new year, I’ve wanted to start some things that I’ve always wanted to try out, like yoga, water color painting, and… calligraphy! I am no expert, but I have easy tips that will help you guys master calligraphy for beginners!   

First off, I started free-handing a letter in cursive. At different parts of the letter, make edges curvier. Afterwards, I darkened and thickened parts of the letter to create a fun look to it.  


I use a black Stained by Sharpie Pen usually (it is actually a fabric pen, but it works great on regular printer paper),that I purchased from Hobby Lobby, that is super glossy and writes amazingly! You can also use a Papermate Flair Pen, a Ballpoint Pen, or just a regular black pen, if you don’t want to spend the big bucks for an expensive kit or a special pen. 

I tried it out by writing some of my favorite quotes. 


I actually used a regular black pen to write both of these quotes, not the Sharpie pen. 

If you are looking to get on the next level of calligraphy, you can check out classes, Instagram pages, or tutorials on YouTube! 

Stained by Sharpie Pen

Have a great day & I hope you learned a little about calligraphy!! 
PS. If you like How To’s, let me know what you want to see a tutorial of in the future!

XO, Sprinkle Of Southern



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