Exploring The Dallas Farmers Market

After wanting to go for a couple of weeks, my family and I finally left to go on a thirty minute drive to visit the Dallas Farmers Market! We looked at tons of local, small business and hit up some fresh restraunts around town! 


I had three tacos at a super tasty Mexican Restraunt called Taqueria La Ventana; it was delicious


I went for a casual look for walking around and enjoying a Sunday morning with the family!


I totally recommend going to the Dallas Farmers Market if you live close, or visiting one near you! 


Spring Fashion Wish List 

So this wishlist is all about my wants for the upcoming spring season, but here in Texas we are in the 70’s, so the fashion items listed in this post pretty much match the weather here! 

  Yes I know, there are a lot of shoes and gingham shirts… But aren’t they so cute? 

So these New Balance shoes from Jcrew are the perfect pair to match with a simple tee or a fun sports top! This is definitely one of my top 3 things on my list!! 

These super fun Vineyard Vines gingham Whale Shirts are a great piece to throw on under a pullover or sweater, with a cute statement necklace, or with a cozy scarf! Plus these colors are so fun!! 

 This  Jcrew Striped Top is a fun basic tee that looks great with seriously everything + the colors are great for the spring season! 

Hunter Boots for the spring time is an obvious must, but for a girl who doesn’t own a pair, these ankle booties would be a perfect sole mate for rainy weather (did you see what I did there?!)!! 

Kate Spade earrings should be on everyone’s wishlist because they are so cute, fun, and comfy for your ears! I currently have a gold pair and a sparkly pink pair, but I would love the silver pair because it matches with everything like the gold! 

If you haven’t noticed yet… I’m really into gingham so this Jcrew Gingham shirt was a great piece to add to this wishlist! Plus navy is my favorite color to mix + match with. 

And that’s it; I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did give it a like!! Have an amazing day!! img_6493-5

Preppy Bedroom Essentials 

For me, as years go by, I grow out of my bedrooms and start to browse Pinterest for a better, more older-looking bedroom, so this post represents some stuff to make your room more “preppy” and what I might want to accomplish to my bedroom! Let’s get started. 

Bedspread: This duvet from PBTeen is a great piece to have to really make your bed pop! The monogram in the middle adds a preppies feel to your bed + your room! 

Tassel Garland: This tassel garland from Etsy adds color to any wall in your room, whether you want to create a gallery wall or just make a certain spot pop! 

Lamp: Pretty lamps always add a fun look to any dresser or desk! I especially love the lamp I added to this post because it’s super simple, but the single stripes just add a special touch! 

Rug: I choose this rug because the stripes match the stripes from the lamp and the bedspread! 

Monogram Pillow: This pillow is probably my favorite piece from this post, because it completes a bed or a fun chair! This pillow also comes in other fun colors! 

Monogram Dish: Fun decor like this one from Etsy is a great way to spice up your dresser while still displaying your favorite jewelry! 

I hope you guys liked this post! Have an amazing day + a great week!! 


How To: Calligraphy 

For the new year, I’ve wanted to start some things that I’ve always wanted to try out, like yoga, water color painting, and… calligraphy! I am no expert, but I have easy tips that will help you guys master calligraphy for beginners!   

First off, I started free-handing a letter in cursive. At different parts of the letter, make edges curvier. Afterwards, I darkened and thickened parts of the letter to create a fun look to it.  


I use a black Stained by Sharpie Pen usually (it is actually a fabric pen, but it works great on regular printer paper),that I purchased from Hobby Lobby, that is super glossy and writes amazingly! You can also use a Papermate Flair Pen, a Ballpoint Pen, or just a regular black pen, if you don’t want to spend the big bucks for an expensive kit or a special pen. 

I tried it out by writing some of my favorite quotes. 


I actually used a regular black pen to write both of these quotes, not the Sharpie pen. 

If you are looking to get on the next level of calligraphy, you can check out classes, Instagram pages, or tutorials on YouTube! 

Stained by Sharpie Pen

Have a great day & I hope you learned a little about calligraphy!! 
PS. If you like How To’s, let me know what you want to see a tutorial of in the future!

XO, Sprinkle Of Southern


Favorite Winter Outfit 

For the dropping temperatures and the chilly mornings, my wardrobe has gotten cozier and warmer for going to school. So, for this post, I’m pretty much going to obsess over this outfit, because it is my favorite go-to outfit for school or for a party! 

This sweater from Jcrew is such a soft piece that looks great alone, over a flannel, or thrown on with a simple cardigan! 

These flats from The Lucky Brand are so comfy, I can go a day of school with no aches as I walk, so they are an easy choice for a day at school! 

This outfit can be changed to match the temperatures where you live, by adding extra layers or nothing at all. 

PS. I could not find the sweater from this post on the Jcrew site, so I listed some similar styles that are the same color! 


Sweater (similar) 

Sweater (similar) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for an outfit you can try out! 

XO, Sprinkle Of Southern 


DIY 2016 Clip Board Calender

So for the new year, I have picked a DIY that will help you keep track of the days and months! I tried to copy the printable version of the calender, but I DIYed it instead! 

So let’s begin! 


  1. Sharpies/ Markers 
  2. Crayons (opt.) 
  3. Paper (I cut mine in half)
  4. Clipboard (opt.)
  5. Ruler 

First, I made a border around the white printer paper (you can also use cardstock paper) using my sharpie. I wrote the month in a thin font and went over it with a matching crayon from a Crayola Crayon Set.  

After I finished all of the months, I clipped them into a clipboard from the brand Poppin

Here are some free printable sheets of you aren’t into DIYing:

Printable One
Printable Two
Printable Three
As well, here is a desk calender you can purchase from the website Evelyn Henson

Desk Calender
Hope you guys liked this post, but make sure you let me know in the comments, what you want to see on this blog! Have a great day! 


My New Years Resolutions

This is my very first post of 2016 *confetti shoots out and fireworks start to explode*!! Today, I have my resolutions that will help me through the new year and hopefully you guys too!! Let’s get onto the resolutions! 

  1. Being More Healthy 
  2. Working Out More
  3. Not Getting On My Phone As Much
  4. Reading More
  5. Being Nicer To My Siblings (haha) 
  6. Getting GREAT Grades
  7. Drinking More Water
  8. Keeping Up With This Blog

For the New Year, I want to be more healthy and exercise because it will help you in the long run; you will feel great overall and come out of it with some nice muscles!! I would LOVE to read more, but with school & other activities, it’s not really a top priority for me, but for the New Year, I want to drop my phone and start picking up a book! For this blog in the upcoming year, I want it to get bigger and bigger! I hope I can give you guys what you want to see (please let me know in the comment section what you guys want to see; lookbooks, DIYs, or monthly favorites) , because this blog isn’t going anywhere! 

So that’s pretty much it, so thank you guys for a GREAT 2015, and I hope we can continue the greatness into 2016!!