Preppy Fashion Life Hacks

Fashion, whether it’s preppy, sporty, or anything in between, can get expensive! So, I have some hacks that will help you keep your style going strong, without having to be broke! 

  1. Monograms

I love monogramming my stuff but buying an item already monogrammed can get really expensive. Recently, I went on my neighborhood’s Facebook page and found a lady who monogramms clothing or pretty much anything, for cheap in my own neighborhood! This can be super easy to get your item faster & you won’t have to spend all of your money just for a monogrammed item. 

  1. JCrew

If you love Jcrew like me, you would know that a simple tee from there can get pretty costly. So, Jcrew Factory is an alternative! You can get great Jcrew styles for WAY cheaper! I always use Jcrew Factory when I want to pick up a cute Jcrew item. 

  1. Simple Yet Stylish

Old Navy, for me, is defined as “simple yet stylish”, because you can get good priced, very cute, and trendy items for way cheaper! You can get Jcrew vest look-a-likes for a great price and they look just like them!! Definitely check out Old Navy for those simple but statement pieces! 

I hope you liked this “hacks” post! Let me know what you would want to see in the future on my blog! Have a great day! 



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