Thanksgiving Outfits

Today, I have a Thanksgivibg outfit post to give you guys some inspiration on what to wear on Thanksgiving! I have different looks that, I hope, will help someone find what to wear! You can use what you have in your own closet to make the outfit I made, yours! Let’s get started! 

Outfit 1 

This outfit is ready to impress! I added the necklace to add a staple to the dress. This outfit is more of a stylish, yet casual, outfit that I might wear on the day of thanks! 

Outfit 2


This outfit is a more casual, homey, but still adds a preppy look! I added the vest for warmth over a simple navy tee, to make the outfit more comfy to wear all day! 

Outfit 3

This outfit is a simple yet very dimensional because, if you can see the pattern, it is very 3D! I love it because it is also very comfortable! 

Outfit 1 

Dress// Necklace
Outfit 2 

Shirt// Vest// Earrings
Outfit 3

Earrings// Dress

Have a great thanksgiving!! 



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