DIY Strawberry Halloween Costume

  Halloween is today & it is very crucial to have a costume even if you’re trick or treating, or even passing out candy to the little boys and girls! I have a costume that you will be able to whip up in 10 minutes max, but still look presentable for parties or just a night with your family!



  1. A Red/ Pink Shirt
  2. White Paper
  3. Green Paper
  4. A Headband
  5. Hot glue
  6. Tape

I started off by making the strawberry shirt. I took a reddish pink shirt from Old Navy and started cutting rain drop shapes out of my white paper (this is for the seeds).  

I made about 13 shapes and started taping them onto my shirt with regular scotch tape.

 And that’s it for the shirt! 

Now onto the headband! 

I started off by cutting out large leaf shapes out of big sticky notes (I didn’t have green scrapbook paper) and I rolled one sheet of sticky note into a role.  

    I started to hot glue the leaves onto the role and the role onto the headband.
   And ta-da you have a strawberry Halloween costume!  

I hope you guys have a great halloween!  



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