DIY Fall Decor

  I have made my first fall DIY! I am hoping that I will be able to do more in the future! This DIY is so versatile because you can make a new one to match every season! So… Let’s get started! 

  1. Paint
  2. Paint Brushes
  3. Paper
  4. Pencil

 The orange paint is from Hobby Lobby and it’s from the brand Craft Paint in the color 11012 Orange. The gold paint is from Target from the brand Hand Made Modern in the color Metallic 20K Gold.  

 Just a generic pencil will do and I used the smallest paint brush I had, but it depends on how large you want your monogram. 

   I began by free handing a pumpkin.
 I drew a circle in the middle. That is where the monogram will go.  I free handed my monogram (DHM). Make sure you put your first name, last name, then middle name. 

 I took the orange paint and painted the monogram. Since, I went for a pumpkin look to make it more fallish, I chose orange, but you can choose any colors you want!   Then, I took the gold paint and went over the circle around the monogram.  

 When I was done with that, I took the orange paint again and went over the lines of the pumpkin.  

Then you’re done! 

   Wait until it drys and soon you will have a really cute fall piece. 

 I placed mine on my door! 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!  



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