Jewelry Organizer 

I’m the type of person who just throws their jewelry into my drawer and hope that when I need it, I will be able to find it in the mess of my drawer! 

If that’s you, I got you covered with organization that will help you organize your jewelry & your life! I placed all of my watches and colorful bracelets on the stand to add color to my room, and to give me a visual of all of the watches/jewelry I have!

  This jewelry organizer literally changed my life! This organizer is a 2 in 1 product; it holds all of your jewelry, yet it still makes any dresser or nightstand look 1,000 times better! My organizer has wooden bars and steel railings to hold it up. You could also totally DIY this as well if you search it up on Google or Pinterest & make it your own! 

  I placed it next to my bed, on my nightstand, close to my French bulldog piggy bank from Target! 

I recommend buying an organizer like this if you just need a put together way to hold your jewelry! 

You can get these type of organizers from Target, The Container Store, Walmart, etc!

Have a great day! 


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