Top 4 Jewelry Picks

I know every girl has her go to jewelry pieces & I am here to show you mine today! From bracelets to necklaces, I have it all!

1) My Fit Bit   

This bracelet is one of those pieces that I CAN’T live without! As it rocks your arm candy, it’s still there to track your steps, miles, and nutrition! It really motivates you to work out.

2) Kendra Scott earrings

These earrings will literary ROCK any outfit you put on! These earrings are the Kendra Scott Dani earrings in white pearl with the gold lining! I wear these earrings with anything that need an extra something-something! They are my favorite!

3) Lokai Bracelet

My Lokai bracelet is that one bracelet that will look good with any other pieces I throw on! There is a great story behind this popular, simple-yet-stylish, bracelet!

4) Kendra Scott Pendant 

 This is the Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant in black with gold lining! From the shimmer to the color, it looks great with anything! There are so many colors to chose from and it is sure a keeper!

Hopefully this post was helpful to you guys!  



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