Night Stand DIY

  I have always seen the most prettiest night stands on YouTube and on different sites on Instagram and I am just screaming GOALS!! So today, I have a super easy DIY that will change your nightstand for the better without breaking your bank!


  1. Paint Brush
  2. Paint
  3. Wooden Circle

   I got all of these supplies from Hobby Lobby but you can find them at any craft store. 


  1. Paint any surface of your wooden circle with your choice of paint.
  2. Read the instruction for how long the paint needs to dry.
  3. Wait until in drys and soon you will have an adorable nightstand decoration that will attract compliments!


I placed my Lokai bracelet & my Q+A book from Anyhropology on top of the wooden circle.  


 Thank you guys for reading this new post!   

My Fall Wishlist

As Autumn is approaching, my style is definitely changing (Since I live in Texas, we are still in the high 90’s so fall isn’t REALLY here). I’m out of the tank tops and flip flops and coming into vests & saddle boots. I have a couple of different pieces that I have been eyeing for the upcoming season.  

 These fall friendly styles are on my wishlist. From the pullover to the comfy booties, they are to die for (well not really). 

Jcrew Factory Printed Puffer Vest 

I am literally in love with this vest! The pink lining really caught my eye because it is such a statement for any outfit! I would layer this vest with a gray long sleeve shirt.

Patagonia Re Tool Snap T Pullover

Patagonia has been in style for a while but I am just now loving how simple but bold these pieces can get! I love the color and it’s a great layer that will keep you warm but will still add something to your outfit! I would pair this up with either my tennis shoes or chacos. 

Dillard’s Fringe Booties

These booties represent fall!! I love wearing boots/booties with any fall outfit because they are such a chic piece! I would wear these boots with the jcrew vest and jeans.

Lauren James ‘Prep My Ride’ Tee

I am always in desperate need of simple preppy tees and this one is a perfect solution! I love Lauren James shirts because they are so soft and add a sporty but preppy look to your outfit! 

Patagonia Los Gatos Vest

Where do I even begin with this beauty.. When I saw this vest in a store in Colorado I fell in love! It was so warm and they have so many colors to choose from. 

Have a great day!

If you have any questions about how to get the styles or what the link is, you can ask me in the comments or on my Instagram (@sprinkleofsouthern)


Top Skin Products & Tips

Growing up, my skin got super oily and easily dirty, and it still does! I have little beauty secrets & go-to products that I hope will help you go through your acne nightmares!! 

Secret 1) Make sure to drink TONS of water; it will give a shiny and soft complexion.

Secret 2) Don’t touch your face throughout the day; it will make your skin dirty (which causes acne). 

Secret 3) When it’s time to go to bed, wash off all of your makeup so it doesn’t clog your pores (& cause acne).

Drum roll please……. 

1) My ultimate favorite product is my Clarisonic!!IMG_4710 It is the best thing I have ever used to cleanse my face! It says it cleans 6x better than washing with your hands. I am in love with it! It get can a little pricy, but there totally worth it! I got the Mia 1 in a hot pink color & it comes with a cleanser. I got this product from Dillard’s.

2) Burt’s Bee Cleanser

I’m always in desperate need of new cleansers because I will always see great reviews for some amazing products. I use the Burt’s Bees intense hydration cream cleanser in clary sage.  

 It works great!! It’s hydrates dry skin, gets rid of makeup, dirt, and oil, and it leaves your face feeling soft and refreshed! I got this product from Target.

3) Clinique Gel 

 This moisturizer is my go-to product when my face is dry! This is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. I love it because it’s so light weight and it treats my dry face! It’s a definite must. I got this product from Dillard’s. 

Thank you so much for reading this new blog post and I hope it helped you!  

Fall Fashion Essentials

The smells, colors, and wardrobe make Fall my favorite season! From the amazing candles to the layering puffer vests, fall has my heart! In this post, I will be telling you guys my fall essentials that will help you transition from shorts & a tank to saddle boots and vests! 

1) Statement Necklaces 

 These beauties are such a must for really any season because they can spice up any outfit that needs something extra! These are some of the ones from Jcrew. These necklaces can get super expensive, so here some stores that sell statement necklaces that won’t break your bank; Francesca’s, Charming Charlie’s, Target, and many more (those are just some examples). 

2) Vests 

Vest// Old Navy   Tee// Old Navy

 Vest// Old Navy   Tee// Old Navy

Vests are one of my favorite ways to accessorize any outfit; they keep you warm but they still give you a stylish layer! You can either get a puffer vest or a fleece vest. They look great over table knit sweaters, flannels, and tees. The first picture had vests from Jcrew and the second & third are mine from Old Navy.  

3) Saddle/ Riding Boots 

 These simple yet bold pieces look great with any outfit.  They add an extra touch of fall! These are from the brand Michelle D; you can get saddle boots from Old Navy, Dillard’s, Jcrew, DSW, Famous Foot Wear, and many more shoe sellers! 

4) Scarves

All of these pictures are mine. 

Thank you for reading this new post! Hopefully these essentials help you transition from summer to fall!  



Jewelry Organizer 

I’m the type of person who just throws their jewelry into my drawer and hope that when I need it, I will be able to find it in the mess of my drawer! 

If that’s you, I got you covered with organization that will help you organize your jewelry & your life! I placed all of my watches and colorful bracelets on the stand to add color to my room, and to give me a visual of all of the watches/jewelry I have!

  This jewelry organizer literally changed my life! This organizer is a 2 in 1 product; it holds all of your jewelry, yet it still makes any dresser or nightstand look 1,000 times better! My organizer has wooden bars and steel railings to hold it up. You could also totally DIY this as well if you search it up on Google or Pinterest & make it your own! 

  I placed it next to my bed, on my nightstand, close to my French bulldog piggy bank from Target! 

I recommend buying an organizer like this if you just need a put together way to hold your jewelry! 

You can get these type of organizers from Target, The Container Store, Walmart, etc!

Have a great day! 

Top 4 Jewelry Picks

I know every girl has her go to jewelry pieces & I am here to show you mine today! From bracelets to necklaces, I have it all!

1) My Fit Bit   

This bracelet is one of those pieces that I CAN’T live without! As it rocks your arm candy, it’s still there to track your steps, miles, and nutrition! It really motivates you to work out.

2) Kendra Scott earrings

These earrings will literary ROCK any outfit you put on! These earrings are the Kendra Scott Dani earrings in white pearl with the gold lining! I wear these earrings with anything that need an extra something-something! They are my favorite!

3) Lokai Bracelet

My Lokai bracelet is that one bracelet that will look good with any other pieces I throw on! There is a great story behind this popular, simple-yet-stylish, bracelet!

4) Kendra Scott Pendant 

 This is the Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant in black with gold lining! From the shimmer to the color, it looks great with anything! There are so many colors to chose from and it is sure a keeper!

Hopefully this post was helpful to you guys!