School Essentials

Going back to school shopping for supplies, for me, is an excuse to get the new planner I’ve been wanting, the awesome new gel pens, and to buy basically all of Target. We both have a big list of our school essentials that we could not live without!

 A planner/agenda is our way to write down our homework for the day, notes that are super important, and it gets us super motivated to be more neat and organized. You can find them in Barnes and Noble, Dillard’s, Target, Walmart, Staples, and more!  We have a Lilly Pulitzer Medium Agenda and a Kate Spade Agenda!  
We both have a Jansport backpack for the upcoming school year, and let me advise you…Jansport backpacks are the best! You have a lot of pockets for all of your school essentials, and supplies! Backpacks also help you organize your supplies, and organizing is a must! A backpack is our biggest essential for back to school!

Everyone knows that you can’t go through school without pens and pencils! These are some school supplies that will jazz up your essays and homework! The mechanical pencils are from Paper Mate, the colored pens are from Paper Mate,and the black pens are from Pilot.

Folders and notebooks are necessities to our school essentials and to help us organize! You can get these items at Target, WalMart, Barnes & Noble, etc.  From writing notes to storing essays, these supplies won’t let you down!

Thank you for reading our very first blog post!! We hope you enjoyed it and keep your eyes out for new posts every Sunday!

Xoxo, Sprinkle Of Southern


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